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junkkuma asked: Hey, Clouds. I'm really sorry to say this but I think it's time that I take my leave. I'm not really an interactive member of the directory anymore I'm just kind of taking up space. I love you guys a lot and I wish you all the best. -Junho

sHAME ON YOU. LOL jk we love you. Kinda. Just a little. Like… less than a fragment of a centimeter. 

We thank you for informing us of your leave and hope you have a great roleplay experience in your new family! Thank you for being a part of the clouds family for such a long amount of time. You never just took up space and we’re sorry you felt that way. But, once again, thank you! We love you too and wish you the best as well.

At least I never got the bowl treatment for a haircut.

and yeah i do suck (¬‿¬) and it’s awesome….giggity,



Cloud admin cloudhyxn is a little shit




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Cloud admin cloudhyxn is a little shit

Please welcome Kyungsoo to the family!