Ken, please open your mailbox.

In order for us to send you your welcomes and give you much love. ♥

Got your head caught up in dreams and fantasies? You’re not alone. Come join the rest of us here, up in the clouds

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Please welcome Ken to the family!

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I’M BAAAAAACK~!! I brought you all presents from my travels too~ Hope you guys enjoy it~ -throws hearts and kisses-


Wow!!!! You’re the best. /keeps it all for myself; Thank you Suzy! I’ll be sure to eat it well. ~ Keke, but really, welcome back. I hope everything was restful and well while you were away.

Please welcome JB to the family!

Please welcome Zelo to the family!

Please welcome G.Na to the family!

The following are free to be roleplayed:

Jongin (EXO)

Krystal ( f(x) )

Sulli ( f(x) )

ssuliver asked: Uh.. Hi admins! First of all, I wanna thank you all for welcoming me here even though I wasn't active (and also, sorry for that) since I got in, I really want to be close to everyone but I just need to go for now. I'll see you all soon. Thank you and take care y'all xx

That’s not a problem at all! It was an absolute pleasure to have you join for the amount you were here. I hope you continue to have a great experience roleplaying. Thank you for giving us a notice of your leave and take care. Have a great rest of the year!