Dear Cloudlings,

This will be the last time I am addressing you guys. Regretfully, as the school year begins for me in two days I have chosen to close the directory. I have decided on this action for multiple reason. However, I would like to thank everyone of you and the former cloudlings for the amazing directory. 

Cloud has been my home after my first directory, Famous. I have grown very fond of the directory and each member, regardless of speaking often or not. Thank you for blessing me with the beautiful memories and keeping the directory alive.

When I first began this directory, along with Fany, it wasn’t too popular until several months in. Afterwards we began to have an influx of applications and was even to break the curse of the deadly months of midyears and finals. However, it seems now that Clouds has been dying down.

I would like to keep Cloud as a fond memory, rather than keeping it alive with little time to take care of it. Thank you for all of you have stayed for such a long amount of time and I’m sorry to everyone. I’d also like to thank the co-admins I’ve had helping me with the directory when I could not myself.

Thank you for the amazing 1 year, 5 months and 10 days. Thank you for fulfilling my dreams and wishes. I love you, my dear Cloudlings. 

Appa/Maknae Cloud

isabella--kim asked: I wanted to let the admins know I will be leaving the Cloud directory. I've enjoyed my time here, it's been almost a year that I made this my home. Thank you so much~

Thank you for staying with us for such a long time. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you as a member and you will be terribly missed! Have a great experience in the future and we fish the best for you!

Please welcome Jaeseop to the family!

soojxxng asked: IM BACK FROM HIATUS


baebsuzx asked: Back from hiatus ^^


Krystal is on hiatus until 8/29.

Suzy is on hiatus until 8/24

cloudxvictoria asked: I have returned~~


Please welcome Sunny to the family!


Mama Taeng is here because Appa cloud decided to up and go on vacation… I KNOW HOW DARE HE?!?! But while hes temporarily stepped out, donut fret! 

Anyways, I’m gonna do an activity check in the next few days. If youre on hiatus drop us a message. 

In the meantime, I think we should all heckle appa cloud for some souvenirs from his trip :D

-Mama Taeng